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Cancellation Policy of Allegiant Airlines 2022

Cancellation Policy of Allegiant Airlines 2022

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Cancellation policy of Allegiant airlines 2022:

When we hear or come across a point of time when we have to cancel our booked ticket, then we almost come under a traumatic situation as we know from our past experience that the chances of losing the entire money is 99.99%.

So we try our best to avoid such situations however cannot avoid them completely as some instances are beyond our reach.

As compared to all the nightmares associated with cancellations, here comes the cancellation policy of Allegiant Airlines 2022.

Hold your breath, it is not going to deduct your money and you have the whole chance of getting back your money but if you need to fulfill certain instructions for the same.

That is :

  • Cancel within 24 hours of purchase as after 24 hours it becomes non-refundable and another most important thing is if your scheduled departure time is at least a week from the cancellation

If you meet the above criterion, then you will not be charged even a single penny for the cancellation.

You can also make changes to your itinerary including cancellation.

At Allegiant, they have a system called Trip Flex, which will make your travel modifications more convenient without the burden of extra charges if you make notes of times.

How Customer Friendly Allegiant Airlines is?

Allegiant Airlines is well known for its highly customized services. It has built its both name and fame via its sheer focus and frequent low-cost business model.

Its services are predominantly inside the United States of America connecting to small cities.

As the name suggests Allegiant Airlines has built its fidelity and reputation over the years through its consistent focus on improving its service bit by bit.

May it be its reservation, checking in or boarding or cancellation, or managing the travel its services are always friendlier to its customers. Let’s check the Cancellation Policy of Allegiant Air 2022.

How does Trip Flex work for you?

  • Here you can change your itinerary once with no extra fees that are applicable without it which is $75
  • It has to be bought while booking the ticket, not after that
  • You can make changes only after the reservation is confirmed
  • The automatic change in fair of flight or accommodation or any other facility availed has to be borne by you
  • Even though one-time alteration or cancellation is available however the money is non-refundable. So you have to book another ticket or so with that amount or in a higher amount
  • The modifications in the itinerary are applicable only one hour prior to the departure of the flight.

How to cancel a reservation:

If for any reason you come under the compulsion to cancel your booked flight, then you can do that anytime.


Log into your account on Allegiant’s home page Allegiant airlines cancellation policy

Go to the ‘Manage Travel’ section either from the top portion of the menu or from the bottom of the web page

Now select the particular booked trip that you want to cancel and click on ‘Cancel booking’

Again the next screen will ask you for the confirmation of canceling the trip, once you confirm, then the trip stands completely canceled

You can also cancel by using their 24 hours customer care number

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get a refund of money if I cancel my booking with Allegiant?

Yes, you can get your complete refund if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking.

 But if it crosses 24 hours then Allegiant Airlines is going to charge you USD 75 per passenger but if you have availed of Flexi Trip during booking, then no need to pay the cancellation charge.

How can I use the Allegiant Airlines voucher?

If you have some balance amount due to be paid by the airlines, then Allegiant issues you its airlines’ voucher where your credit and balance points are stored that you can avail at any point of time but it cannot be redeemable via cash.

It can be availed by the very person under whose name the booking had been done, so it cannot be transferred.

It can be used for flight booking and will also cover the extra baggage fees if any.

Can I purchase my tickets at the airport itself in case of any situation?

 It is always advisable to pre-book your tickets by going to the website of Allegiant Airlines.

But in case of any dire situations or for any other reason, you can anyway book the tickets from the airport itself. But there is very limited availability of seats if you purchase at the airport. Again it depends on the location to which you are flying.

Allegiant Airlines is always known for its customer-friendly delightful services. It takes its passenger’s discretion at all points in time.



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