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Cancellation charges of Allegiant Airlines

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Imagine you have planned a vacation and all of a sudden due to any emergency you need to cancel your travel plan. Have you ever thought about the cancellation charges of Allegiant Airlines which is one of the biggest nightmare.

Don’t’ worry as we are here to assist you in this catch, how you can save your hard earned money if you need to cancel your air tickets.

Firstly let me tell you about the allegiant airlines, which is one of the cheapest and most affordable airlines throughout United States. To offer best to their customers allegiant airlines always comes up with the best solution in every aspects either it is best fares, best services or cancellation policies.

Cancellation Policy of Allegiant airlines

Cancellation policy of allegiant airlines allow all their passengers to cancel their air tickets before departure, however passengers can claim their full refund of the tickets done within 24 hours of the actual booking. Some of the important point you must keep in your mind before cancelling your allegiant airlines tickets to make your journey hassle free.

If you cancel your air tickets after 24 hours of the actual booking date then you need to pay $75 per person as a cancellation fees and rest of the amount will be refunded in a credit form which you can use in your future travel.

But, if you miss to cancel your air tickets before a week of departure in this case no refund nor any credit is entitled to the passenger against the ticket booked.

In case of bad weather or flight delay by the Allegiant airlines passengers can ask for the compensation or they can request airlines to arrange same flight for next day without any extra charges.

How to cancel your Allegiant airlines ticket without any hassle

  • To cancel your booked air ticket you need to visit Allegiant Air Help or call +1-725-201-7772
  • You will find manage travel tab, click on the tab and enter your ticket details
  • Once your itinerary is opened you can select the segment which you wish to cancel or If you wish to cancel complete ticket you can select the same and click on cancel option to process cancellation request
  • Once cancellation process done, airlines will send you an email with the credit voucher or the payment depends on how you book the air ticket.

Covid-19 Policy of Allegiant Airlines

We all had seen a worst situation in our complete life when everyone was lockdown in their houses to avoid such pandemic situation which stopped the world in few days. In such pandemic situation Allegiant airlines had not hold their customers hand so they don’t feel alone in such a situation. Airlines offered no change charges or any cancellation charges on all their air tickets in that period of pandemic. Complete waiver was given to all their passengers who were flying with Allegiant airlines and credit vouchers were issued with the validity which passengers can use in their future travel.

Cancellation charges of Allegiant Airlines without Tripflex

Those you have bought the air tickets from Allegiant airlines are entitled to cancel their ticket at any point of time. Full refund will be given if the passenger is cancelling their air ticket within 24 hours of the booking from the actual date. Cancellation charges will be applicable on all the tickets if it is done after 24 hours of the booking done from the actual date with the charges of $75.

If anyhow passenger misses to cancel their air ticket before a week of departure date then no refund/credit will be given to the customer.

Cancellation charges with Tripflex

If you have purchased your air ticket with Triplflex you are entitled to cancel your air ticket, change your date or destination once at no charges. Tripflex fare can be purchased at the time of booking the ticket after that ticket cannot be upgraded into Tripflex fare, for the same passengers need to pay extra $8 to $20 per person depending on the fare, destination and class of booking.

Passengers are allowed to cancel their air tickets before 01 hour of the departure under the Tripflex fare allegiant air website. or call +1-725-201-7772

Cancellation fees can be waived off if the booking is cancelled within 24 hours of the actual booking date in normal case or if the passenger is booked under Triplflex fare, amount will be refunded in the same payment mode through which passenger has made the booking. In normal case $75 per passenger will be charged as cancellation policy and rest of the balance will be credit back through the same payment mode by which ticket was booked or else credit voucher will be issued which passenger can use in their future travel.

24 hours cancellation policy of Allegiant Airlines

Every passenger is important to the airlines as they are the source of income and good relationship will maintain a healthy bond between airlines and the passengers. Whenever a passenger buys his/her air tickets and later if wants to cancel the same he/she needs to pay the cancellation charges which comes under every airlines policies. 

However, under 24 hours cancellation policy of Allegiant airlines if the passenger cancel his/her air tickets within 24 hours of the booking date he is entitled to get full refund or the credit voucher against his/her air ticket which is done by the Allegiant airlines. Credit voucher is valid till 12 months of the original air ticket purchased date and passenger can avail this voucher facility within the stipulated time period for any destination wherever Allegiant airlines travel, fare difference passenger needs to pay apart from the original credit voucher amount if it’s applicable for his/her new destination.

Cancellation of Allegiant air ticket through phone call

Cancellation of the existing Allegiant air ticket is very simple and easy, you just need to make a simple phone call on allegiant air customer care number where customer care support staff will assist you in your cancellation or rebooking your new air ticket. Customer care staff is available 24/7 to resolve your queries related to cancellation or rebooking of your air ticket. Just a simple call and you will get answers for all your queries regarding your air tickets.

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